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The Accucount Mark 5 and N series infra-red egg counter is a precise electronic two-dimensional egg counter developed to count eggs on egg collection belts and conveyers.


Our patent counter counts all eggs passing under it.

Mark 5 and N series put out a pulse for each egg counted.

Mark 5 cover 10 cm and N series from 20 cm to 100 cm.


The N series can be ordered in five sizes:
N20 - 20 cm, N30 - 30 cm, N50 -50 cm,
N75- 75 cm and N100- 100 cm.

Technical details:Power supply of 12V AC. 


Mark 5 output count pulse 250 msec for each egg

N series output count pulse 50 msec for each counted egg.




The mark 5 egg counter is a 10 cm egg counter for egg belt.

ACCUCOUNT N 20 - 100


The Accoucount N serie is a complite line of egg count for egg convey system from 20 cm to 100 cm.



Where and how to install the egg counters.

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