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About Us

Agro System Ltd

Agro System is a world leader in development and production of egg counter and related system.

In the year 2000 Agro system was set up by 3 experts in the layer and breeder industry in order to develop the best and most precise egg counter in the world.

After 5 years in research and development, field test was done in Japan, which is the most difficult market for these devices. After thousands of installations in Japan the Mark 5 was released for the world market. After a few more years the N series was developed.

We collaborate closely with our dealers and constantly developing new solutions and improvements. We are always one step ahead.

By adapting our counters to our customers’ needs we are able to provide a reliable and cost effective system for all.

Our Mission

To be a leader in our field to inprove our product and develop related product for the world market.

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